Afternoons became our midnights (Midnights – Taylor Swift)

Autoria: Haohua Dong (MEEC)

As the year finale approaches, we may sometimes lose ourselves in an almost auto-piloting way. Imagining your future plans might become a step back towards your past. Vibrations from the outside world become the lock to your ephemeral moments of inner contemplation, sophisticated words become mundane and are only meant to boost one’s ego, clusters of simple words lose their diversified meanings and individuals with refreshing conversations grow into the middle-aged man who works at the haunted vintage establishment near the center of Delft, who doesn’t understand communication consent, and drowns the room with purposeless one-sided transmission.

Reasonably, a basic labyrinth we know of consciously, yet inertia calls as we nod to the whole world and become lost in translation. Words, words and words and words cease to invoke any type of excitement, other than a monotonous tool to play a part in this mandatory theater.

Letting the time axis pass by, we reach October. The 21st of October, to be more exact. Standing still at the library desk, observing the human realm, and catching a glimpse of your technical studies, with a nostalgic muse in your ears – an anomaly happened. The noise, the harmony, the melody, the sound or… the wave of vibrations traveling through the air to the eardrum (which in turn also vibrates) became a green light to distraction.

Perhaps in a biased position, everything became lavender haze and, without my consent, I am left in a territory I call self-induced pop oasis with a touch of drunken thoughts and specks of ironic self-loathing.

The intention of the text is set.

Midnights became our afternoons.

Album: Midnights (3am Edition)

Release date: October 21, 2022

Record label: Taylor Swift/Republic Records

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